Angular 18 will arrive next week

Angular 18, the next planned release of Google’s TypeScript-based web app development framework, is due to arrive on May 22, with features such as deferrable views and declarative control flow moving out of developer preview to a stable stage. Deferrable … more Read More

WebKit Features in Safari 17.5

Happy May! It’s time for another release of Safari — our third significant update of 2024. With just a month until WWDC24 and the unveiling of what’s coming later this year, we are happy to get these 7 features and 22 bug fixes into the hands of your … more Read more…

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 194

Safari Technology Preview Release 194 is now available for download for macOS Sonoma and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update. This release includes … more Read More

What’s Next: The WebStorm 2024.2 Roadmap

In April this year, we released WebStorm 2024.1, our first major update for 2024. Thank you to everyone who is already using it and providing us with feedback. With April now behind us, we’d like to announce what we’ve got planned for the next release … more Read More

7 JavaScript language elements every developer needs

Research suggests there are seven JavaScript language elements developers lookup more than any other. While you might not be able to write a complete JavaScript program using only these features, you most certainly won’t get far without them. Beginners … more Read More

Deno boosts language server performance

With newly introduced Deno 1.43, the developers of the JavaScript/TypeScript runtime have enhanced its language server, speeding up auto-completion performance and improving memory consumption. Introduced May 1, Deno 1.43 can be accessed via running … more Read More