Twilio SendGridとNode.jsを使用してメール問い合わせフォームを構築

この記事はPhil Nashがこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。 Webサイトにメールアドレスを公開すると、スクレーピングされ、スパムに使用されるおそれがあります。この問題を回避し、同時に自身のWebサイトからメールで問い合わせを受け取れるようにする方法の一つとして、問い合わせフォームを構築することがあります。 本稿では、Twilio SendGridベースの開発プロジェクトの一例として、ウェブサイト上で問い合わせフォームを構築し、メールアドレスを公開することなく問い合わせのメールを受け取れるようにする方法を説明します。 … more Read More

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.5

After the feature-packed release of Safari 15.4 two months ago, WebKit’s work for this version of Safari focused predominately on polishing existing features and fixing bugs. Safari 15.5 does contain three new technologies for web developers — support … more Read More

Creating Style Variations in WordPress Block Themes

Global styles, a feature of the block themes, is one of my favorite parts of creating block themes. The concept of global style variations in WordPress were introduced in Gutenberg 12.5 which would allow theme authors to create alternate variations of … more Read More

Exciting New Tools for Designers, May 2022

The underlying theme of this month’s collection of new tools and resources is development. Almost every tool here makes dev a little easier, quicker, or plain fun. There are a few great tutorials in the mix to help you get into the spirit of trying new … more Read More

How to use celebrate with Node.js

Imagine you have created a note-taking app with a login system where users can create an account and add their notes. Users need to type their email and name to sign in. Your job as a developer is to ensure the data you get from the user is the data Read more…

Network performance update: Platform Week

In September 2021, we shared extensive benchmarking results of 1,000 networks all around the world. The results showed that on a range of tests (TCP connection time, time to first byte, time to last byte), and on different measures (p95, mean), Cloudflare … more Read More