Echo JS

Explore Iterators and Generators in JavaScript Demystifying useEffect’s clean-up function ts-pattern: pattern matching library for TypeScript, with smart type inference When will EchoJS become mobile-friendly? [EchoJS] How do you feel about adjacent content? ⚡ A jQuery plugin that abstracts the process of consuming a REST endpoint. … more Read More

NPM CLI 7 arrives with Workspaces

NPM CLI 7, an upgrade of the command line toolkit for the JavaScript package manager, is now generally available. The new version brings a Workspaces feature as well as changes to the lockfile format and enhanced performance. NPM CLI 7 had been available … more Read More

Node v15.8.0 (Current)

Notable Changes [ 110063d694 ] – (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto : add generatePrime/checkPrime (James M Snell) #36997 [ 53a0bdff47 ] – (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto : experimental (Ed/X)25519/(Ed/X)448 support (James M Snell) #36879 [ 03460432af ] – deps : upgrade npm … more Read More