JavaScript SQL Library

What is AlaSQL?

AlaSQL – ‘à la SQL‘ – is a lightweight client-side in-memory SQL database designed to work in browser and Node.js.

  • AlaSQL was written with pure JavaScript and does not use browser WebSQL database.
  • AlaSQL is fully functional compact sql server with JOINs, GROUPs, UNIONs, ANY, ALL, IN, subqueries and very limited transactions support.
  • AlaSQL supports ROLLUP(), CUBE() and GROUPING SETS() functions
  • AlaSQL works with all modern versions of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari), Node.js, and mobile iOS and Android.
  • AlaSQL is fast, because it uses some optimization methods.

Easy to use!

Add alasql.js library to your page:

<script src="alasql.js"></script>  
    alasql("CREATE TABLE test (language INT, hello STRING)");
    alasql("INSERT INTO test VALUES (1,'Hello!')");
    alasql("INSERT INTO test VALUES (2,'Aloha!')");
    alasql("INSERT INTO test VALUES (3,'Bonjour!')");
    console.log( alasql("SELECT * FROM test WHERE language > 1") );

AlaSQL is fast!

Check AlaSQL vs other JavaScript databases:



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