What Is Javascript Obfuscator?

Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into obfuscated and completely unreadable form, preventing it from analyzing and theft. It’s a 100% safe JavaScript minifier and the best JavaScript compressor.

Online JavaScript Obfuscator » http://www.javascriptobfuscator.com/downloads.aspx

How can I protect my JavaScript code?

JavaScript is a browser intepreted language so it needs to be front end and visible to browsers. Unfortunately, everyone can read it just looking at the source code of the web page your script is running into.

There are two general ways to protect the intellectual property, legally or technically. Legally means getting copyrights or signing legal contracts against creating duplicates etc. And technically means the owners of the software will give the solution for protection with that particular JavaScript code.

Code obfuscation is currently one of the best methods for protecting JavaScript code from reverse engineering. Obfuscation renders software unintelligible but still functionally equivalent to the original code. It also makes programs more difficult to understand, so that it is more resistant to reverse engineering.

Desktop JavaScript Obfuscator Official Site » http://www.javascriptobfuscator.com

JavaScript Obfuscator : http://www.javascriptobfuscator.com/Javascript-Obfuscator.aspx

Also you can make your website smaller and faster by minifying the JS & CSS code!

More about Minify: http://js.md/blog/js-css-minifier/


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